IV for Immunity Support


Immune Support IV Therapy takes advantage of iv therapy to boost the immune system. or this therapy, you’ll receive one liter of a balanced electrolyte fluid with a mega-dose of our proprietary blend of B Vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamins. Our immune system is strongly influenced by what we take into our bodies. Vitamin C is important as it helps certain cells perform their infection and disease-fighting abilities better. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration of an illness as well. Zinc is an essential key element needed by our bodies and it helps keep the immune system strong. Antioxidants add to our infection and disease-fighting ability by further stimulating cellular processes.

Oral supplements are less effective as well, because not only do they break down in the digestive tract, but it is also not possible to take the high dose that we administer through IV Therapy. Receiving supplements through IV therapy means that your body may receive up to 100% of the supplement and because the supplement is administered directly into the bloodstream, your cells begin to receive the benefits almost immediately. IV Therapy Immune Support lasts within the body for two to three days with minimal side effects and can help give you a fighting chance against colds, flu, and can even help with the fatigue and stress that are such common complaints through our beautiful fall and winter seasons. As a result, iv therapy to boost your immune system is a much better option than oral supplements.

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